Obama the AntiChrist???

I’m sure anybody with contacts in the evangelical circle heard that Barack Obama may be the AntiChrist. Many of you probably even received emails regarding this matter. I was reading one of his speeches that was highly criticized by James Dobson and I felt like I was in the same boat as Obama. One can and should read it here. Some may be reading this from a Democratic viewpoint and be all for it. Others may be reading from a Republican standpoint and say Obama is simply putting up a front. Whatever viewpoint one is reading from, read it with eyes and ears that point to Christ.

From what I can tell, Mr. Obama seems quite concerned with how we as Christians are to respond to this pluralistic society that we find ourselves in. At least Barack is able to address these issues. I’m still waiting to hear John McCain talk about how his faith will play out in the presidency or what he is wrestling with. My respect for Mr. Obama increased greatly on account of this speech. My prayer and hope is that he will continue to wrestle with these very issues whether or not he is our next president. It’s deep thinkers like this that can change society whether they are in a position of power, or simply a blue-collar worker trying to make ends meet.

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