I’m quite surprised that I haven’t posted about the emerging church yet. It has piqued my interest to a large extent over the past year and it is probably something that you will hear about many more times from me. Although quite stereotypical, I would say most emerging communities and churches are concerned with the kingdom of God. A quote from Philip Yancey gets at what many of these budding faith communities are about:

“In the soil of this violent, disordered world, an alternate community may take root. It lives in hope of a day of liberation. In the meantime, it aligns itself with another world, not just spreading rumours, but planting settlements-in-advance of that coming reign.”

 This is not to say that emerging churches are perfect and have doctrines down to a T or have somehow escaped the effects of original sin. But it is to say, that they strive to point people to something beyond this world, beyond possessions, beyond success, beyond the American dream. They are leading us to Christ Jesus crucified and his kingdom he came to establish.

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