Drivers Education for the Church

This may sound a bit strange but I think the analogy works (as far as I have worked it out anyways). The church is like a car on the road. Fundamentalists/modernists/denominationalists have let the church begin to drift off the road. As we all remember from our drivers ed days, the best thing to do when one starts going off the word is not to jerk the wheel back quickly. If one does, not only does the possibility arise that they will end up in the ditch on the other side of the road, but the may end up in the other lane, directly in the path of incoming traffic. My fear is that some in the emerging church have jerked the wheel. They have over-corrected the mistakes of the fundamentalists/modernists/denominationalists. And they have ended up in the other ditch, which puts them in a position that is not any better than it was before – only on the opposite side of the road. What we need is not a jerk in reaction to modernity, but rather a gradual, calm, turning of the wheel to ease its way back on the road again. This is how we learned to get a car back on the road in drivers ed. And this is what we must do in the church. Just because something is failing, does not mean that the opposite of that is the answer – maybe only a slight adjustment is needed. And this is my hope and prayer for the church: that we will ease our way back on the road, no matter how much time it may take, and not to fall into the temptation of jerking the wheel quickly to try to get back on the road.

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One Response to Drivers Education for the Church

  1. Beth says:

    It’s wonderful to see that you are capable of relating such practical yet elusive ideas in a way that is both comprehendable and interesting to those of us who haven’t and never will reach your level of insight. Well done, my friend. Simple, honest, true.

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