The Authority of Scripture Part V

Some more thoughts regarding my view of Scripture:

The Bible isn’t there simply to be an accurate reference point for people who want to look things up and be sure they’ve got them right. It is there to equip God’s people to carry forward his purposes of new covenant and new creation. – N.T. Wright

Carl Raschke prefers the term inherency of Scripture and not inerrancy. What he is implying by this is that the Bible itself is not the Word of God but the Word of God is inherent in the Bible.

The Bible is God’s Word to the extent that God causes it to be His Word, to the extent that He speaks through it. – Karl Barth

Stanley Grenz and John Franke discuss how the Bible has its own intention, which begins in the author’s intended meaning but is not exhausted by it. We are not bound by only the original meaning of Scripture because God has spoken and He still speaks.

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