Everything is Spiritual

I finally watched Rob Bell’s DVD from his tour, “Everything is Spiritual.” As usual, Rob’s wit, humor, storytelling, and knowledge engages the audience fully. Rob began with the creation story, led us through many sciences, and ended up at spirituality. It was quite a journey and the whiteboard was filled with his musings by the end of his talk. For me, the talk boiled down to exactly what the title says it is – that, indeed, everything is spiritual. It’s not like this is anything revolutionary by any means. Even Rob admits that he is looking back at the Jewish traditions and culture of our Hebraic ancestors of the Christian faith. For them, the divide between good and evil, spiritual and secular did not exist. Everything, seen in the right light, pointed back towards God. If anything, Rob was uncovering and reminding us of this truth that seems to have gotten lost over time. Spirituality surrounds us. Do we have eyes to see and ears to hear? One line that I remember vividly from the film was when Rob said it would have been pure absurdity to hear one our Jewish ancestors ask another, “Hey man, how’s your spiritual life?” We as Christians have not helped much in bridging this gap between the secular and the sacred. But then again, this is the very thing that Jesus did seem to do. He always put humanity back into the people that society had pushed over, kicked, and then stomped into the ground. And in doing this, he was reminding them (and everybody else who was watching) of the profound truth that humans are imprinted with the image of God.

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