Book Review: Jesus For President

I guess the first thing I want to say is please read this book. Jesus for President by Shane Claiborne and Chris Haw is a wonderfully written book regarding a Christian’s role in the political world. Without a doubt, this is the most insightful book I have read on this topic (I also realize that I have not read many in this field). Much of this book could be considered a church history book, and more specifically in regards to the beliefs centered around empire and war. A question these authors raise is Can we as Christians and Americans pledge allegiance to both Christ crucified and the United States of America? They look in depth at this identity crisis we face. The authors do not polarize Republicans and Democrats. They poke fun at both. Instead, they put forth a third way that is so tragically ignored – that is, the Jesus Way . . . doing as Christ would do. This changes difficult topics such as abortion, poverty, and homosexual from an either-or choice, to an either-or-or-or… as we continue to think as Christians on how to deal with these things. Shane is without a doubt, a modern-day prophet, doing strange things and saying somewhat outrageous things that make people shake in their boots. If you read this book, you will be uncomfortable. You will HAVE to reflect deeply on how your choices are not only affecting your own life, but the lives of fellow humans throughout the world. Shane is really doing some amazing things (i.e., The Simple Way). Shane writes with a passion, a passion that not only shows his devotion to Jesus Christ, but also his fervor for his readers and his audience to hold a similar passion and love for God and for other people. A truly inspiring book, and one I would recommend reading before this year’s presidential election.

One thought-provoking passage from the book I wanted to share:

Who needs a Creator when we can sculpt mountains? Who needs a Great Physician when we can heal ourselves? Who needs Providence when we can clone animals for food? Who needs a Savior when we have a four hundred billion dollar defense shield? Who needs a Deliverer when the empire has become a democracy? Who needs a God when we are worthy of worship ourselves?

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