Sunday as Sabbath

Inspired by an article entitled, “How To Go Slow,” I began to wonder what observing sabbath would look like in a college setting. (What a novel concept: Spending Sunday as an actual sabbath). Speed is addicting. We are always trying to get as much done as quickly as possible. Look at all that we have at our fingertips. No longer are cell phones just for talking to people, now we can check our email, receive updates from our favorite sports teams’ games, and even receive directions when we are lost. We live in a culture saturated in this time-warp, where efficiency becomes a top priority. We are always running from one thing to the next. And it is very difficult in a college setting. There is always something more one can be studying or working on. The concept of ‘enough’ has been obliterated in our culture, to the point that it is very difficult to say that enough is enough. But when we read the creation story, we see that God did reach a point where he stopped and he rested from creating.

Therefore, my Sunday this year is a no-study sabbath. I don’t touch my school work and try to vanquish it from my mind. I have to admit, the first couple weeks were a struggle, and I was worried that I wouldn’t have enough time during the week to get everything done. But slowly and surely, my sabbath is becoming more and more normal. I don’t stress out about the work I have to do – I am simply able to sit back and enjoy things that I love. It causes me to pay attention to those around me and to focus my energy upon our conversations. Sabbath has become rest for me but it has also been a ceasing, a ceasing from the hustle and bustle of school work and a ceasing to combat the societal norm of ‘more’. It has been a re-centering of my life, an awareness that life is about more than just good grades and more than just knowledge. I have found that Sunday has now become the apex of my week the day I look forward to the most and the day that allows me to work throughout the rest of the week.

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