Slowness as Spiritual Discipline

Another Sunday, a day of rest, of ceasing activity, of stopping. The rush and hustle-and-bustle of the past week of classwork (papers and tests) has passed and break has welcomed me. My typical routine on Sundays has been attending church with my roommates and then returning and making muffins for ourselves and our neighbors. For me, baking is a way of slowing down, of resisting the fast-paced society that so often drives us.

I was flipping through channels this week, and stopped on food network. They were visiting restaurants involved in the slow food movement. This movement is a reaction against the fast-food world, a movement centered around the awareness of the food we eat and where it has come from. It has transformed and infused slow-cooking with something beyond just the food – community and rest. Although muffin-making may draw some giggles, for me it transcends baking for the sake of baking. It is my way of remembering that God is in control, and no matter how hard many seeds we plant or how many plants we water or how many gardens we hoe, it is still God that allows the plant to grow. It’s funny how something as subtle as baking muffins can hold such profound meaning.

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