Christian Lawyer??

An article caught my eye the other day, one which I would have typically glanced over without reading it. But since my brother is in law school now, and has shared with me some of the ethical struggles a Christian deals with in the field, the article jumped out at me. It’s called, “Can Anything Good Come Out of Law School?”  It’s about a lawyer who became a follower of Christ and is now battling between allegiances to his clients and to his Lord. Here is part of the author’s dilemma:

The reason that I’ve come to the interim conclusion I have, notwithstanding one’s area of practice, is due primarily to the central ethical mandate of all attorneys. Paraphrasing a bit from various formulations of this standard, an attorney must zealously represent the interests of her/his client within the bounds of the law. In other words, an attorney must serve the interests of her/his client, and not any One else, within the bounds of “the law,” no matter how far askew that law has been drawn away from Kingdom principles.

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