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Thanksgiving Day

Today is Thanksgiving which for many of us probably conjures up images of turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, and watching the Dallas Cowboys on television. Others may just imagine wild turkeys or cornucopias. For others still, the picture may be of Squanto, … Continue reading

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Naked Trees, Naked People

Winter is upon us. Snow is on the ground. The foliage of bushes and trees is no longer present. The hideous mess in our back yard can no longer be hidden by the leaves filling the tree tops. We can … Continue reading

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The Gospel of the New Adam

The fifth chapter of Romans is one passage which I have wrestled with time and time again for the past two months.  In this chapter, Paul begins a discussion on justification, which is not the troubling aspect for me. It’s when … Continue reading

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Disturbing Prayer

A prayer by Sir Francis Drake that I have been using this week. Disturb Us, O Lord when we are too well pleased with ourselves when our dreams have come true because we have dreamed too little when we arrived … Continue reading

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Faith on Hold

I came across an article about the Lockbox Theory the other day and realized that I’ve thought similar thoughts many times before. But finally, somebody put it into words that are comprehensible. The Lockbox Theory is the idea that college … Continue reading

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Book Review: Jesus Wants to Save Christians

Rob Bell has done it again. Jesus Wants to Save Christians is a book that must be read. And discussed. It will make you uncomfortable. It may make you upset. But it will remind you of where we have come … Continue reading

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The Body of Christ

A little piece of liturgical prayer I put together last week. It’s really my first attempt at it so here it goes. The body of Christ has gathered. Eyes and Ears. Hands and Feet. Head and Heart. Bones and Ligaments. … Continue reading

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