Book Review: The Voice of Romans

There is another translation of the bible starting to take shape (if you can believe that; I might have to twist your arm. It’s not like we already have hundreds of translations or so it seems). The Voice Project is intended to translate scripture in a way that recovers the narrative that so often gets lost. The Voice of Romans is one attempt at this. It is written/translated by Chris Seay (a pastor), David B. Capes (a scholar/professor), and Kelly Hall (an author and pastor). As you can see, the wide range of authors are working together to stay true to the text, but at the same time in a way that the message does not get muddled in the modern language (as I found to be the case at times with the Message). I would classify The Voice Project to be somewhere between the Message and older translations with a leaning towards the latter. I thought they did a wonderful job of staying close to the text while using some language that helps the story come out of it. It is helpful I think if you often find yourself getting lost in the text and footnotes that so often permeate the pages of bibles. Worth checking out anyway.

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