Faith on Hold

I came across an article about the Lockbox Theory the other day and realized that I’ve thought similar thoughts many times before. But finally, somebody put it into words that are comprehensible. The Lockbox Theory is the idea that college students are not rejecting their faith; rather, they are locking it away only to be brought up later in life. While in college, they develop other facets of their life whether that be socially, cognitively, or physically. But spiritual maturity or development is neglected altogether. On numerous occasion I have had people tell me that once they finish college or graduate school, they will then return to church and begin attending on a weekly basis. Or as soon as they get a good job or pay off their loans or start a family, they will get serious about following Jesus. This idea permeates college campuses across the United States. And now there is some research to back it up. To sum it up, college students are not necessarily rejecting God or the Christian faith; they simply are developing other facets of their life while in college. There is a couple of great articles on the matter that I have discovered. The first one is by Tim Clydesdale, a professor at the forefront of this discussion. Lengthy and academic but if this stuff interests, read it. The second is more practical in nature. It was put out by Fuller Seminary’s Youth Institute. The implications of the lockbox theory are quite interesting especially in regards to youth pastors and college ministers.

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