Book Review: The Story We Find Ourselves In

Part of the A New Kind Of Christian series, The Story We Find Ourselves In follows several characters in the midst of locating themselves within the grand biblical narrative. As far as retelling the biblical narrative, a marvelous job was done by Brian McLaren. As far as being a literary work, I was not as impressed. However, if you are able to put aside the story of the book and focus in on the story of God that is told through the characters, you won’t be left disappointed and you’ll have much to discuss with your friends for weeks to come. In typical McLaren fashion, he does not fail to be controversial and will be sure to ruffle a few of your feathers. The book will make you think. The implications some of his interpretations of scripture hold should not be ignored. They should be engaged with and wrestled with. Many times when we read the bible we get so caught up with the leaves of the trees that we not only ignore the trees but the gigantic forest itself. McLaren helps us regain the big picture of God’s creative redemptive history that oozes into the present. McLaren divides the biblical narrative into 7 distinct stories that all are intertwined with one another. The seven sections are creation, crisis, calling, conversation, Christ, church, and consummation. Some talented alliteration I must admit.

If you have never read any of McLaren’s work, I would recommend this as a good starting point. Like I said, you don’t have to agree with everything said in it, but I do implore you to examine your way of seeing God and the bible for that matter.

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