A Sociological Look at Sabbath

A nice little discussion starter regarding the Sabbath, although I do not agree with all of it. In my opinion, it is lacking theologically. But then again, this is also a sociological perspective. I must note that we do not observe the Sabbath in order to be rested enough to undertake the tasks that the rest of our week holds. Sabbath isn’t intended for us to get one step up on the competition (research has shown work productivity goes up with this day of rest). I would like to think of the Sabbath, not as the beginning of the work week, but rather the culmination of the work week. In order to properly observe the Sabbath, we need to have certain obligations taken care of so we don’t spend our Sabbath stressing about everything we have to get done. In the creation narrative, God takes his day of rest at the end of the week. It’s what God is working towards. It’s the culmination of the week to just be in God’s presence, rather than having to do something in God’s presence. Maybe a simple shift in the way we look at Sabbath in comparison with the rest of the week would hold profound implications.

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