Living Simply

Gunsight CanyonIt was two or three days into the trip when one of my friends said something quite straight-forward, and yet very profound. We were sitting around the campfire and he mentioned that he thought many problems that we face would dissolve if everybody was required to take a week-long wilderness expedition every year. Not necessarily a strenuous trip, but a withdrawal from many of the comforts we have gotten so accustomed to. Believe me, we all came back very appreciative of many things that we had taken for granted. Defrost, heat, clean water, showers, breakfast sandwiches, coffee, and beds to just name a few. When we learn to live without certain amenities, we are essentially combating the temptation of ‘more’. When we learn to be happy with two packets of oatmeal in the morning, when we are able to be happy without a shower for a week, or when we are able to fully appreciate how lucky we are to be able to sleep in beds, we are living in such a way that frees us from being consumed by our possessions, by the gifts God has bestowed upon us. And really, when we live graciously, many of our problems don’t seem all that looming anymore. They actually seem quite small. Living simply, although often cloaked as a restrictive exercise, is actually liberating. When we are able to appreciate the things we possess, we are able to appreciate life a little bit more. I think we all realized over the course of the trip how little we actually need to survive. You can get by on hardly anything. Sometimes a reminder such as this is very much needed. I know it was in my case. When we remember how blessed we are to have the things we do, we are able to live freely out of these, recognizing that they are not our own.


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1 Response to Living Simply

  1. Jon says:

    I’m enjoying your reflections…I look foward to hear and see more. Thanks!

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