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Leading to Worship

As a pastor, one experience all facets of humanity. The parts that makes us all warm and fuzzy inside. And the parts that make you sick to your stomach. And other times, you just feel helpless, especially when somebody continually … Continue reading

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Pulpit Supply

For me, pulpit supply is becoming more and more difficult. Not because I don’t like giving sermons, but because I don’t know any of the people I’m preaching to. I don’t know what they are going through, what they are … Continue reading

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Old and New Covenants

Is there a discontinuity between the old and new covenants? Is there a break, a separation between the two or is it simply a transition from one to another? Essentially, I’ve been wondering a lot about the doctrine of election. … Continue reading

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Calvin Quiz

How Calvin are you? A fun little quiz to find out. And because I’m sure you are interested, I came back at a 58% Calvinist.

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Eucharistic Sermon

“The measure of a sermon is not whether it affirms what you already believe. A sermon is not a product to be consumed and then evaluated according to how good it was or whether it was pleasing or enjoyable. If … Continue reading

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The Contours of the Gospel

Living in Denver, I’ve had the opportunity to do my fair share of hiking over the summer. Recently, I was doing a hike outside of Manitou Springs on Barr Trail (which actually takes you to Pike’s Peak if you go … Continue reading

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Baby Steps

Kester Brewin posted a while back on living symbolically. In response to an interview in which a professor stated that it was useless to unplug phone chargers and the like, Brewin wrote this: I think this misses the point, and raises … Continue reading

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