Self-Discipline of a Pastor

Another lesson that I have learned this summer as an intern at a church: Pastors need self-discipline and self-motivation. Let’s face it, what do pastors do all week? Yeah, they prepare a sermon and the worship service and may do some nursing home visits and go to a staff meeting and maybe even have some coffee with people in the congregation. Even if they do all of those things, they still have free time, essentially, time to do what they want. Time that if they don’t use wisely or spend it in a worthwhile way, nobody will notice. Pastors have to be disciplined enough to keep learning, to keep reading, to keep praying, to keep thinking. Nobody will ever notice this work. Thus, the pastor could spend his time playing Freecell or even Solitaire. But of all people, pastors should honestly be spending their time in a way that the kingdom of God is beginning to take root. Without self-discipline and self-motivation, pastors will quickly begin to burn out; they will easily find themselves bored and overflowing with apathy. We need pastors willing to do the work that nobody will ever see or acknowledge.

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One Response to Self-Discipline of a Pastor

  1. Jordan says:

    Well put Blaine! This is something that I have indeed thought a lot about with regards to the future. I really like how you mention that a lack of discipline will lead to a burn-out, where some may tend to think that the opposite would happen. It’s a good reminder that the Lord is the one who provides strength, not a lax schedule.

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