Barth’s Resurgence

I am a HUGE Karl Barth fan. Apparently there are others as well, as testified to by an article several years ago by Bruce McCormack of Princeton Seminary entitled, “The Barth Renaissance in America: An Opinion“. In the article, McCormack notes five reasons why he thinks Barth is becoming more popular in America, especially in contrast to European theologians. First, Barth’s theology is comprehensive in the sense that he draws largely not only from the Bible, but also from church tradition and history. Second, Barth’s theology is open-ended . . . he leaves room for God to be God and therefore, does not tie all the loose ends (although, by the large quantity of pages in his Church Dogmatics, we might be pressured to believe otherwise). Third, everything is seen through the lens of the person of Jesus Christ. Very christocentric in nature. Fourth, he welds together theology and ethics. Our theology should always inform our ethics, the way we live in the world. And fifth, theology is first and foremost for the purposes of the church.

You can get a more detailed explanation of these by referring to the article.

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