Independence Sunday

I hate going to church on the Sunday closest to Independence Day. Hate may be too harsh of a word. Maybe despise would be better. Sometimes I wonder what it is that we are truly celebrating on such a Sunday. To me, the independence and freedom we have as Americans is celebrated first and foremost and the freedom of Christ gets thrown in as an afterthought. The songs we sing help us recollect that we are God’s chosen people here in America, that we are the city upon a hill. We see the American flag on stage and sing songs displayed over the background of a waving American flag on the projector screen. Civil religion at its finest.

Michael Gorman wrote a really fine piece debunking the idea of Independence Sunday.

We must continually be reminded on holidays such as Independence Day that we are not Americans who happen to be Christians but rather Christians who happen to be Americans. We must not view Christianity in light of America but rather America in light of the life, death, resurrection, and ascension of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.

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2 Responses to Independence Sunday

  1. Paul says:

    Independence Sunday needs to include an “open carry church service”. 4th o’ July and guns in church is the perfect way to worship our American centrism.

  2. Jordan says:

    Well-said Blaine. It makes me think of Shane Claiborne’s internship at Willow Creek in Illinois where they didn’t have a cross in the church but they had the flag on the altar.

    It’s important to submit to the government that God put into place (as Paul states in Romans), but what ‘label’ do we fall under first? Christian in America or American Christian?

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