Leading to Worship

As a pastor, one experience all facets of humanity. The parts that makes us all warm and fuzzy inside. And the parts that make you sick to your stomach. And other times, you just feel helpless, especially when somebody continually has something go wrong in their lives. I think our first instinct in such situations is to help them out of the pit they find themselves in. We try to give them practical things to do that may make their life better. And these can be very good things. But the role of the pastor is more than this. It isn’t just about giving people four or five steps to perform to live a better life or make a decision for somebody because you think it is the right thing for them. The pastor must be the pastor and as Craig Barnes writes, this means they must “lead them to the conclusion of their struggle that ends not in solutions but in worship.” He uses Job as an example where the turning point in the story is not the conclusion when Job is rewarded with more possessions than he originally had, but when Job was able to behold and worship God in the midst of the struggle. As pastors, we are not solution-givers but rather mystery beholders. Our purpose is to help lead others to behold the mystery of God through worship. This is our role. When we forfeit this in order for easy solutions and quick fixes, we are no longer doing our jobs.

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