Identity Crisis

Looks like it’s not just humans who deal with identity crises. This cartoon by asbojesus portrays the church being in a similar predicament. I think that there are so many church models and resources available today that many churches simply try to keep up to speed much as one would do with fashion or music. If anything, when an identity crisis arises within a church, I think the best place for them to return would be the historic creeds of the Christian faith. Instead of just enacting face lifts within the church, maybe we should look to the root of the problems. I was talking to a pastor the other day who just had the music minister leave, and at the next consistory meeting, everybody immediately wanted to begin looking for the next music minister. And the pastor didn’t think that was such a good idea. He used the analogy of a machine and how so many people think that if a cog that was not helping the machine run more efficiently leaves, the best option is simply to replace it. No if anything, the first thing that must come into consideration is whether this cog is necessary or not. I preached at this church this past Sunday without a worship minister and the people that led music did a fantastic job.

Churches lose their identity when they fail to return to the creeds of the faith and when they fail to be reformed by the Event of Christ. These are what the church needs to turn to when they forget who they are.

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