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Church Potlucks

This is a continuation of my series on food. This is only the second post and you will find all the posts in this series in the “Food” category. Today I want to talk about church potlucks. This is one … Continue reading

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The Introverted Pastor

Here at seminary, one of the first requirements they have for you is to take a personality tests of sorts. The one I took is called the Birkman Method, and instead of evaluating the person through psychological analysis, they do … Continue reading

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Christians and Food

This is me starting a series on Christians. And food. And the relationship between them. It may lead to talking about health. Anyways, I wish to post regularly in this series, albeit not daily. To start out, or at least … Continue reading

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The Black/White Church Divide

On Sunday, I worshipped at Agape Christian Church in Five Points. This is a small, Congregational church composed primarily of blacks (primarily in this case is 99% of the parishioners). After encountering numerous stares upon first entering the door, I … Continue reading

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Northeast Denver

Over the weekend, one of my courses took me to the northeast part of Denver (think Five Points) for an immersion experience. While there, we discussed some of the problems neighborhoods in this part of town are facing and what … Continue reading

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Peripheral Christianity

The other day in class, I heard a long spiel about all the good the mega-church does. For the most part, I would have to agree with him. However, there’s also a part of mega-churches that disturb me. I think … Continue reading

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Polarizing Theology

I despise reading theology books that polarize different theologians and theologies. Especially when words such as Roman Catholic, liberal, progressive,¬†and neo-orthodox begin to connote coupling with the devil (well, that may be a bit of an exaggeration). Or when the … Continue reading

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