Denver and Church

I’ve been living in Denver for just over three months now. I wanted to share a few observations about church and culture.

1) The composition of the half-dozen or so churches I have visited resemble either a) only 21-40 year-olds or b) everybody except 21-40 year-olds. The multi-generational church as we know it seems to be something of the past. At least for now.

2) If one were to go church shopping, Denver would be like the Macy’s or Saks Fifth Avenue of church shopping. There are SO many excellent churches out here. Too bad there’s only one Sunday every week. Otherwise, I could actually experience all these magnificent churches.

3) There are lots and lots of dislocated people living in Denver. What I mean by this is that there is a large contingency of people who moved away from family to start a new life here in Denver and thus, begin to create their own familial structures here. I am no exception to this.

4) During the summer, church attendance in Denver seems to drop in just about every church. It doesn’t take a brain scientist to figure out why. One just has to look at a postcard of the Rockies or just peer out their window (as I am doing right now to emphasize my point) to realize that it can be much more entertaining to go play in the mountains on a weekend than go to church. And with such a large variety of outdoor activities available, it is not a wonder that Denver people don’t go to church in the summer.

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