Polarizing Theology

I despise reading theology books that polarize different theologians and theologies. Especially when words such as Roman Catholic, liberal, progressive, and neo-orthodox begin to connote coupling with the devil (well, that may be a bit of an exaggeration). Or when the author is introducing their opinion by saying something like, “So the most logical conclusion to reach would be mine.” I think what upsets me most about reading these types of theology books is that because the author disagrees on one issue (the authority of Scripture), the rest of the arguments from that theologian are deemed complete nonsense. It is as if the author transposes their disagreement of one topic onto every single topic. Also, another thing that makes me disgruntled with such books is the poor biblical scholarship utilized. I know it is a theology book and not a biblical studies book, but when your main authority is the Bible when constructing one’s theology, you would think an emphasis would be placed on the interpretation of the Bible. I thought proof-texting would slowly dissipate as I went to more school. I was wrong. Theologians do it all the time. And it’s frustrating.

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