Christians and Food

This is me starting a series on Christians. And food. And the relationship between them. It may lead to talking about health. Anyways, I wish to post regularly in this series, albeit not daily.

To start out, or at least what ignited my mind towards this topic, is an article. Well, maybe I’ve been thinking about food for a while now. It was probably about 16 months ago now that I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease and for the first time in my life, watched my diet very closely. This forced me to admit how much unhealthy food I had ingested over the years. In addition to this, I was made aware of all the things I put into my body unknowingly. There are more preservatives and artificial ingredients than I really want to know about. I then began reading about where food comes from and learned large amounts of this through the writings of Michael Pollan.

I guess I say all this up front because I come at this topic with a bias . . .  my health does not allow me to eat like everybody else. It has forced me to change my diet. Then again, it has forced me to exchange my old diet for the one that everybody should be eating. This all makes me jealous when somebody can sit down with a big juicy steak or a luscious slice of cheesecake. However, if Christians take ethics seriously, they may begin to rethink the ethics of eating. At least, this is what I hope to persuade you of.

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