Praying for our Troops

Ever since I wrote a paper and did a presentation on civil religion, I have found myself noticing the presence of it in churches time and time again. The most obvious sign of it is the American flag usually positioned near the front of the church. However, I have also noticed that almost every Sunday, churches pray for our troops, meaning our American troops. This is usually in conjunction with specific prayers for those who are from the church in the armed forces. This has always made me a bit uncomfortable because we often neglect to pray for those that we are fighting against. However, Michael Gorman recently posted on his blog a letter to the church in the U.S. in regards to praying for our troops. It is worth a read. Gorman is a professor and the dean of the Ecumenical Institute of Theology at St. Mary’s Seminary & University in Baltimore, Maryland. I first heard him at a Pauline conference I attended (he is a NT scholar and his specialty is Paul). Anyways, I thought I would share his letter with you and introduce you to him.

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