Being Vegetarian

For the month of January, I decided I would be a vegetarian. I cannot pin down one particular reason for choosing to do this but rather several reasons. First, as I have read at length about food and as I have shared some thoughts here on this blog (although, quite some time ago), I have become a bit skeptical about the source of the meat I am putting in my body. So this was the health aspect of the exercise. Did I notice any substantial difference in my health or energy levels? Second, I find it becoming more of an ethical decision for me. For many, what we eat is completely unrelated to ethics. But, in reality, every decision we make is some sort of ethical decision and every decision entails some sort of action which cannot be null in moral value. And ethically, I struggle with the idea of eating animals which are victims of the industrialization of food.

I enjoyed being vegetarian. I did not find myself missing meat. And honestly, my body has had a rough time adjusting to me adding small amounts of meat back into my diet. This is making me contemplate becoming a full-time vegetarian. We’ll see how the next couple weeks go. Regardless, I am worried about becoming enslaved to a diet, so that I become so concerned with what I can and cannot eat that I no longer enjoy eating. That is not what I want. But looking back at the month, I tried a bunch of recipes that I never would have tried. I ate more vegetables than I have ever eaten. And I felt healthy, not a miserable healthy, but a robust healthy.

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2 Responses to Being Vegetarian

  1. Eli says:

    Blaine! I am loving the new look of the blog! Also, I am stealing your vegetarian idea and making it my Lent practice…I’m nervous those. I love pork.

  2. christophermahlon says:

    I fear that I won’t have enough self-discipline to stick to a vegetarian diet. I’m mostly vegetarian for pragmatic reasons here in Belfast: meat is expensive, and I can’t afford a lot of it. But it makes a nice treat for me, and I love meat so much. Right now, I just try as hard as possible to source my meat responsibly, which UK food regulations make easier. Well done to you, though, Blaine.

    A friend I went to Russia with keeps a blog about eating vegan:

    That’s a little more strict than you were this last month, but she’s got some great recipes up on there.

    I’m glad you started writing again.

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