Important Theological Question

The task of theology is a challenging one indeed. When doing theology, especially in light of reading the Bible, we have guiding questions. A professor from undergrad always encouraged the class to ask, “Who are you God?” whenever we read the Bible. The question that immediately follows this questions is, “Who am I and who are we as humanity in light of this God?” I think these two questions form the basis for good theology to take place. But I also want to suggest another one that I have found very helpful over the past couple years . . . “What if . . .?” What if Paul was saying this? What if Jesus was serious when he said that? What if, what if, what if? This may seem like a rather basic question (it is) but it also leads one into uncharted waters at times. What if? forces us to question our assumptions in consideration of what the biblical text says. What if? beckons us into seeing connections that we would otherwise ignore. What if? invites one to wrestle with the text even if it ends in a rabbit trail. What if? leads us on the path of ancient rabbis, who would spend hours on end contemplating the text and the possible implications of it, savoring each and every word while trying to remain faithful to the God they worshipped. Yeah, what if? may at times lead nowhere. However, it may open new doors that helps one better understand God.

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