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How or What?

I’ve been spending some of my free time reading about politics lately. Not necessarily about what’s in the news, such as the finance bill. Instead, I have been reading about judges, senators, and representatives interpret the law. Mostly, this has … Continue reading

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Important Theological Question

The task of theology is a challenging one indeed. When doing theology, especially in light of reading the Bible, we have guiding questions. A professor from undergrad always encouraged the class to ask, “Who are you God?” whenever we read … Continue reading

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Theological Starting Point

Most theology books that I come across these days (especially systematic) begin with the doctrine of revelation and the Bible. This sets a trajectory for the rest of the project to follow. In doing so, by setting the Bible up … Continue reading

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The Language of Life

Every now and again, I find myself in a coffee shop for long periods of time reading books for class. Sometimes, this reading marathon takes place at my neighborhood Starbucks. Because it is rather small, I often have a view … Continue reading

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Pillars of Preaching

Karl Barth has a famous comment about how a pastor should hold a Bible in one hand and a newspaper in the other with the implication being that the pastor must know what is going on in the world in … Continue reading

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Difficulties in the Theology of Karl Barth

Lately, I have been reading some Karl Barth, and once again, I have a renewed interest in this great theologian. I also had the opportunity to spend a couple of days with a retired professor who was a¬†former student and … Continue reading

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