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A Horde of Articles

A number of articles I have read in the last couple weeks that continue to churn in my mind. You might be hearing about them more in the days ahead. An interesting look at emerging adulthood in today’s society. Our … Continue reading

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Summer Reading II

Yesterday, I listed my top five theological books of the summer. Today, I list my top five that do not fall under that category. 1) Branded Nation┬áby James Twitchell. This book explores the marketing practices of what is commonly conceived … Continue reading

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Summer Reading I

Amidst my summer travels and in part because I only held a part-time job while in Denver, I was able to read a number of books this summer. Today, I will share with you my favorite theological or church-related books. … Continue reading

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Fall Semester

Greetings friends! Hope you have had a wonderful summer. It’s time for school to begin again and hopefully this year, more consistent blogging from me also. Over to the right, I have updated two of my pages – Course Reading … Continue reading

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I Wonder Therefore I Am (A Theologian)

What is the posture of a theologian? Or, how does one begin to tackle the gargantuan questions regarding God and God’s relationship to humans? Barth suggests that there should be a deep sense of wonder within the theologian: If anyone … Continue reading

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Church and Theology

A great quote from Barth’s Evangelical Theology: The community speaks in the surrounding world by the positions it assumes on the political, social, and cultural problems of the world. But the question of truth also concerns the community’s order of … Continue reading

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A Bird in Flight

Building on what I wrote yesterday, and on what Barth has written long before me, theology is a task in motion, a science that always proceeds from the movement and revelation of God – nothing else. As Barth writes, “Theology … Continue reading

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