A Bird in Flight

Building on what I wrote yesterday, and on what Barth has written long before me, theology is a task in motion, a science that always proceeds from the movement and revelation of God – nothing else. As Barth writes, “Theology . . . [is] comparable to a bird in flight, in contrast to a caged bird” (Evangelical Theology, p. 7). He goes on to reject any theology that has become paralyzed and static and surmises that the God of the Gospel would as well. When our eyes our fixed on the God who is revealed in Scripture rather than the Bible as the object of our study and faith, we must always hold our theology lightly (or at least lighter). God may not act as we think God always should. Maybe that’s because our theology is wrong and we need to change. Or maybe God’s freedom is beyond our comprehension and always stands above and bey0nd our categorizations. Thus, Barth’s imagery of a bird in flight is quite helpful to me . . . let us (re)discover the God that is witnessed about in the Bible.

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1 Response to A Bird in Flight

  1. Good evening. Thanks for your reference to Barth’s Bird in flight reference. I was looking for this metaphor myself and came across your page which gave me a good lead. Unfortunately, in my version of Evangelical Theology, the metaphor of which Barth speaks is on page 10, not page 7. You might want to double check your own reference. (Maybe a different edition? BUt I thought they were all paginated the same). You might also be interested that Barth makes reference to this image in _The Word of God and the Word of Man_ (New York: Harper & Row, 1957), 282.

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