Faith in Reason II

A follow-up thought from yesterday’s post. I briefly mentioned how apologists often convey an unwavering trust in reason, either explicitly or implicitly. My struggle with such faith is not only that it elevates reason above all other considerations rendering emotions meaningless (which I wrote about yesterday) but that it does not take into account the depravity of the human mind. Although some acknowledge that their mind and logic is fallen like the rest of their being, they act in a different manner, assuming that their logic, reason, and conclusions are foolproof and they have the answers to some very troubling questions. They seem to look through a glass clearly rather than dimly. They seem to see in whole rather than in part.

I am not suggesting that objective truth is not out there but rather I wish to raise the question about how much the human can know and communicate about this objective truth. In this pursuit of objective truth, reason seems to be consulted more often than what Christian apologists believe this objective truth is (namely, God). This endeavor has fused together the Christian worldview with modernity. Whether this is a good thing or not, I will leave for you to determine. But it is this same group of Christian apologists who so often attack other worldviews in the name of the Christian worldview. Is this the Christendom that persists in our churches? That Christianity is inseparable from modernity?

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