Why We Need Apologetics

So sometimes I can be a little disparaging towards apologetics. However, I do not think we need to rid ourselves of the exercise. Maybe the focus of apologetics needs to change. Instead of seeking to win arguments in order to win people to Christ, I think we need apologetics for Christians to take seriously the intellectual side of the faith. A conversation the other day illumined to me what may seem rather obvious: Christians in the marketplace (all those who work outside the of the church or non-profit ministries) have a much greater and deeper knowledge of their area of expertise than their Christian faith. Thus, their Christian faith may not have influence or impact on the decisions they make in their daily lives. We are often inch-deep Christians but mile-deep businessmen and businesswomen. The practice of apologetics should be to train people to think in a distinctively Christian manner with the Christian worldview as a backdrop. I think the scope of influence would grow with this slight change of emphasis or focus of apologetics. Maybe I’ll say more on this later. For now I have nothing more to say, just unformed thoughts floating in my mind.

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