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Church and Theology

A great quote from Barth’s Evangelical Theology: The community speaks in the surrounding world by the positions it assumes on the political, social, and cultural problems of the world. But the question of truth also concerns the community’s order of … Continue reading

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Needs and Wants

So, this past semester, I started an evening Vespers service at my church. Let’s just say it did not take off in a blaze of fire. We had a handful of people there most weeks with a week or two … Continue reading

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Church Growth/Revitalization Movement

As the church continues to decline in North America, specifically in mainline denominations, a number of solutions have been proposed about how to solve this problem. There are those who see the need to cut ties with the┬áchurch as we … Continue reading

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Rob Bell Interview

There was a recent interview in the Boston Globe with Rob Bell, the pastor of Mars Hill Bible Church in Grand Rapids. He has drawn a lot of ire in regards to how he defined evangelical. Give it a read.

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Theological Training

Some of my friends here at seminary have┬ástarted the job search process for churches next year. I always enjoy listening to their experiences of the process and the surprises of what they encounter. Some are set on working in churches … Continue reading

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Love Your Neighbor

One of my classes this semester has explored in-depth some of the issues the metropolitan area of Denver is facing and how some ministries are reaching out to help solve those problems. A couple weekends ago, we met with a … Continue reading

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Praying for our Troops

Ever since I wrote a paper and did a presentation on civil religion, I have found myself noticing the presence of it in churches time and time again. The most obvious sign of it is the American flag usually positioned … Continue reading

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