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A Subversive Interpretation of Romans 13

In yesterday’s post, I mentioned Romans 13, the quintessential “Submit to the government” passage. Last spring, I actually preached on this challenging passage (Romans 13:1-8) in my preaching class. I wanted to share a few insights that my study yielded and … Continue reading

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Justification and Reconciliation

Moving through Romans again, we come across the idea of justification rather early in the book (ch. 3). As you may recall from a few posts back, I want to read Romans through the lens of reconciliation – namely, that … Continue reading

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Total Depravity in Romans 1-2

My last post was in reference to reading the letter of Romans through a reconciliation paradigm, rather than a complete exposition of the gospel. I want to play this out through a few passages, for my own sake, but hopefully, … Continue reading

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Reconciliation and Romans

If you were to take a straw poll on what the main idea of the book of Romans is, the most common response would be justification by faith or maybe a presentation of the gospel. Out of all the letters of Paul, … Continue reading

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Paul the Misogynist

There were a couple of interesting points I wanted to raise regarding the passage I preached on on Friday (1 Corinthians 15:1-10). Paul seems to place a huge emphasis, not on the death of Jesus on the cross, but rather the appearance … Continue reading

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I Am What I Am

This is the sermon I gave yesterday at chapel. It comes from 1 Corinthians 15. Now I should remind you, brothers and sisters,* of the good news* that I proclaimed to you, which you in turn received, in which also … Continue reading

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The Unity of Heaven

I have written before about the theology of oneness, of all things dancing in perfect harmony with God, of the reconciliation into being in a unblemished relationship with the Creator of all things. I will try not to repeat myself … Continue reading

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