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The Recovery of the Exodus

What is the defining moment of the Old Testament for Christians today? As I pondered this question, I would undoubtedly point to the fall of Adam and Eve and the consequences of such an action. However, many scholars, including Brevard … Continue reading

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Did You Take Your Gun to Church?

Ridiculous. That’s all I have to say. Please refer to the article.

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New Leader for Focus on the Family

The Denver Post recently ran an article¬†on the new president and CEO of Focus on the Family, Jim Daly. Let’s just say I was encouraged my the article. I believe that they are headed in a good direction. Daly seems … Continue reading

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The Praying Pastor

Over the past few weeks, I have had to introduce myself to a large contingent of people. Without exception, these conversations have led to them asking me why I am out in Denver. Of course, this leads me to explain … Continue reading

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Faith & Fear

On Sunday, I preached on Mark 4:35-41, a very familiar text to many that have grown up in the church. However, I took it in a direction that maybe you haven’t heard from a pulpit before. So here’s a few … Continue reading

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What is Ministry?

What is ministry? You would think that my education over the past few years would provide ample research into defining such a phenomenon. However, you realize that the abstract is sometimes just that . . . abstract. Sometimes what you … Continue reading

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Life’s Transitions

I realized today that it’s been two months since I last posted. I really have no excuse other than transitions. Transitions into the final month of college. Transitions of being a college graduate. Transitions of moving to the city. Transitions … Continue reading

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