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Belated Thanksgiving Post

In light of the spirit of the holiday this past week, I thought I would write about what I am thankful for this year. I am thankful for my parents and my family. They have all been a wonderful to me over the years … Continue reading

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Love Your Neighbor

One of my classes this semester has explored in-depth some of the issues the metropolitan area of Denver is facing and how some ministries are reaching out to help solve those problems. A couple weekends ago, we met with a … Continue reading

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Growing Spiritually in Seminary

Almost everybody has heard the old adage about people losing their faith in seminary. Being surrounded by seminarians on a daily basis, I sense this fear in a large contingent of students as well. Students no longer feel as if … Continue reading

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Praying for our Troops

Ever since I wrote a paper and did a presentation on civil religion, I have found myself noticing the presence of it in churches time and time again. The most obvious sign of it is the American flag usually positioned … Continue reading

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A Systematic Theology for Today

I like theology. A lot. I dislike reading more recent systematic theology texts. They are terrible. They are written in a bubble. They are theologies for theologians, not for the church. The are theologies that neglect culture by and large. … Continue reading

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Evaluating Theologians

I have been off the blogosphere for too long. This is my welcome back party. I currently am in a theology survey class. One observation I have made: People at Denver Seminary do NOT like Karl Barth. This is disheartening … Continue reading

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