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A Subversive Interpretation of Romans 13

In yesterday’s post, I mentioned Romans 13, the quintessential “Submit to the government” passage. Last spring, I actually preached on this challenging passage (Romans 13:1-8)┬áin my preaching class. I wanted to share a few insights that my study yielded and … Continue reading

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How Big Should the Government Be?

Following up on yesterday’s post, I want to direct you to an enlightening article by the Washington Post on the size of the military. Be warned that the article is long, yet it is worth every minute of your time. … Continue reading

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Total Depravity and the Government

Conservatives want a small government. Liberals want a larger government. It seems like every election year the reasons for both sides are brought up, some more valid than others. But what if (there’s that question) we think about this issue … Continue reading

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Praying for our Troops

Ever since I wrote a paper and did a presentation on civil religion, I have found myself noticing the presence of it in churches time and time again. The most obvious sign of it is the American flag usually positioned … Continue reading

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A Pile of Quotes

Sometimes quotes begin to stack up on my desk. This is me unloading them upon you. And yes, they are unrelated. “This offspring of the legitimate marriage between theological ignorance and religious intolerance, blessed by a sleep-walking philosophy, succeeds in … Continue reading

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The Vine and the Branches

With the celebration of Independence Day last weekend, I have been thinking about independence and freedom in light of the Christian story. Here in America at least, we uphold independence as a chief virtue, as we try to set up … Continue reading

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Independence Sunday

I hate going to church on the Sunday closest to Independence Day. Hate may be too harsh of a word. Maybe despise would be better. Sometimes I wonder what it is that we are truly celebrating on such a Sunday. … Continue reading

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